Rabel 1200

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Rabel 1200

A high quality heavy duty glass railing system for modern buildings

Rabel 1200 is a heavy duty glass railing system comprised of supporting vertical posts and a horizontal hand rail, all in aluminium. It is designed to take 8-10 mm laminate glass which runs uninterrupted in front of the supporting columns. The posts appear as shades behind the glass glare, thus achieving an all glass effect.

The glass panes are secured into position via a top and bottom channel. For distances up to 2 meters in width, it is possible to fix it without any supporting post. The columns are floor standing and are secured into place via a high strength long screw. The system is fully rustproof and thus suitable for costal applications. No assembly screws are visible. It has been certified for residential as well as commercial applications.

The system comes with adjustable corner angles which allow the fabrication of non-linear as well as circular configurations. It also comes with the necessary accessories to allow for the fabrication of stair configurations.

Technical characteristics
Post Width 64.5  mm
Glazing Width Possibilities 8-10  mm
Distance Between Posts 1200  mm