Rabel 35 Thermal

Rabel 35
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Rabel 35 Thermal

The entry level thermal slider

Rabel 35 Thermal is a very low cost thermal sliding system for doors up to a height of 2.4 meters. Its prime use is for new buildings with a very low budget that traditionally were using cold series. Having a very low track, 35mm, makes it an attractive proposition for renovation buildings. Compared to most commercial thermal systems it has the smallest sections making it a good aesthetic option for small openings. It is equipped with a custom-made multipoint locking system that fulfils the highest standards for burglary resistance and is powered by a selection of design handles or recessed latches. It is available in all common typologies having up to six track frames.

Being able to take a glazing panel 27 mm wide it can accommodate an internal air space exceeding 16mm thus taking full advantage of the glass thermal performance.

Technical characteristics
Frame Height 24 / 35 mm
Sash Width 35 mm
Sash Height 74 mm
Center Mullion Width 74 mm
Type Conventional
Max. Weight per Sash 120 Kg
Max. Sash Width 1.2 m
Max. Sash Height 2.4 m
Glazing Width Possibilities 27 mm
Maximum Locking Points 4
Thermal Break Width 20 / 39  mm
Sealing Type Brush with Cloth
Fabrication Thermal Transmittance EN ISO 10077-2 (Uw) ≥1.8 W/(m2K)