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Rabel 3700 Slim Super Thermal

Slim Folding thermal system running on the floor with low threshold

The system Rabel 3700 Slim Super Thermal has been designed for the fabrication of large fold and slide doors up to 3,0 meters height and 1,2 meters wide per leaf. Its main application is for commercial and residential buildings, where high thermal insulation and Slim mullions are reguired. The system is based on a basic leaf width of 44mm.

Seven different threshold designs are available in three different heights (35, 49, 71mm) making it possible to have a fully flat threshold as well as a high level of water tightness, fulfilling the needs of most projects.  Since the system is also available with gaskets along the whole perimeter as well as a drainage gutter, its performance in water tightness and air permeability is remarkable. It supports all typologies as well as corner fabrications.

The Rabel 3700 Slim Super Thermal is characterized by its bottom sliding mechanism which offers by design the best performance in terms of smooth slide and reliable operation over time. Optionally the sliding system is protected from dirt and unwanted objects by two hard brushes which run along the track ensuring unobstructed sliding motion. It also comes with stainless steel rollers as standard for enhanced durability. The availability of low bottom threshold, 35mm, makes it unnecessary to switch to top hang systems so as to accommodate specific project requirements.

In the standard equipment a two point lock is included which can be upgraded into a multiple point burglary resistance system.

Technical characteristics
Frame Height 35 / 49 / 71 / 90  mm
Sash Width 60 mm
Sash Height 60 mm
Type Fold & Slide
Max. Weight per Sash 130 Kg
Max. Sash Width 1.2 mm
Max. Sash Height  mm
Glazing Width Possibilities 32  mm
Maximum Locking Points 3
Thermal Break Width 16-24 mm
Sealing Type 4 Gaskets
Fabrication Thermal Transmittance EN ISO 10077-2 (Uw) ≥1.6 W/(m2K)