Rabel 600 Super Thermal L&S

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Rabel 600 Super Thermal L&S

Simply… the best performing Lift and Slide system up to 200Kg per leaf with four sealing gaskets

The Rabel 600 Super Thermal lift and Slide is ideal for projects where top performance is required combined with ease of handling and rolling up to 200Kg per sash. Regardless of the size and weight, it slides without any effort making it an ideal choice for many projects. While parked, it seals with four gaskets which are twice as many compared with other Lift and Slide systems, delivering impressive performance in extreme weather conditions.

Its capability of producing doors up to 3.0 meters in height as well as its relatively flat bottom track satisfies the need of most projects with large openings. As standard, it comes with a multipoint locking system that fulfils the highest standards for burglary resistance and is powered by a selection of design handles or recessed latches. It is available in all common typologies as well as 90 degrees corners without a fixed mullion. As a standard, it comes with a sophisticated high performance water drainage system that is hidden below the frame.

Having a profile 60mm in width it can accommodate very thick acoustical double glazing panes for soundproofing as well as triple glazing panes for enhanced thermal performance. All of these features and performance characteristics come with a very small sash width and central mullion measuring 80mm.

All sliders in the Rabel 60, 600, 6000 Super thermal family have the capability to fabricate a 90 degrees corner without fixed mullion. The fabrication has been optimised so that the corner mullion is not visible when looking at the inner corner thus providing consistent aesthetics with the remaining fabrication. They also have the capability to fabricate a 90 degrees inner and also outer corner, making it thus possible to design and fabricate continuous doors in a «Z» formation.

Its super thermal performance as well as airtightness makes it an ideal choice for passive/Zero energy buildings.

Technical characteristics
Frame Height 49 mm
Sash Width 60 mm
Sash Height 80 mm
Center Mullion Width 80 mm
Type Lift & Slide
Max. Weight per Sash 200 Kg
Max. Sash Width 3.0 m
Max. Sash Height 3.0 m
Glazing Width Possibilities 34 / 40 mm
Maximum Locking Points 4/5
Thermal Break Width 24 / 64  mm
Sealing Type 4 Gaskets
Fabrication Thermal Transmittance EN ISO 10077-2 (Uw) ≥1.3 W/(m2K)